Now in their 22nd year, Rick Berry and Dave Clark formed their partnership in 1983 as a full-service furniture design firm. Their diverse, but complimentary educational and experience backgrounds has enabled them to successfully pursue a broad spectrum of furniture design disciplines – ranging from 18th century reproductions to leading edge contemporary design. Along with veteran associates Keith Binns and Tim Lehman, their concentrations and successes on quality of design and product development service has afforded them opportunities to effectively utilize their talents -to create furniture designs in various materials and combinations of wood, steel, brass, glass, stone, and upholstery. With product development specialists Mike Houston and office manager Nancy Pittman, the abilities of the team at BCDA are professional, efficient, and bountiful. The synergy within Berry & Clark Design Associates to focus on design creativity and manufacturing capabilities has resulted in positive, long-term working relationships as “team members” with their clients.


Caryn Donovan is no stranger to the furniture industry. After receiving an Associates degree in the Arts she went on to study at New York School of Interior Design. She has worked in and managed showrooms and “Boutique” furniture stores in the New York area, including the Planum flagship showroom in New York City. Donovan’s mixing of materials that wouldn’t normally be used together is her passion. She creates beautiful, interesting, and functional unique pieces of furniture and objects de art . Believing in a main principle of modern architecture, that ‘form follows function’, and that ‘less is more’, Donovan’s furniture designs and interiors make good use of space while having a certain integrity that is appealing to the eye.


Celebrated designer Fermin Verdeguer brings his passion for architecture, sculpture, and beauty to the land Collection.

Verdegeur began his design career while studying at the Arts School of Valencia. After graduating, he started the Verdeguer Navarro Interior Design company. His love of design soon expanded to include architecture, landscaping, graphic, and industrial design.

In 1999 he and his brother founded the Verdeguer Navarro Collection. Later continued under the brand name DARC, this collection is dedicated to the design, development, and production of high-end furniture. In 2010 Verdeguer was nominated for Interior Design’s Best of Year Awards for his design of Brancusi by DARC.

Throughout his career Verdeguer has sought to create unique, exclusive and beautiful pieces. With an eye for detail and master use of material, his pieces become more than furniture; they become works of art.


Gabriel López is a world renowned furniture designer. Born in Murcia (Spain), he now resides in Barcelona. He has been dedicated to the design and production of furniture for most of his life. López’s innovations have earned him many prestigious awards. He is constantly searching for new materials, experimenting with different woods and veneers and color to render his designs. Finding ways to adapt them into our present society in constant evolution. López takes an active interest in the form and integral decoration of not just homes and furnishing but alsopublic areas, retail stores, hotels and other spaces we use in our daily lives making them a pleasing experience to explore with our minds while maintaining a high level of functionality.


Kelvin Ng is one of Hong Kong’s leading sofa designers whose distinctive sofas and armchairs have graced the collections of preeminent European, America and Japanese furniture brands including Weco and Cierre.

Kelvin’s award-winning designs are rooted in his multi-cultural Hong Kong background and deep knowledge of western sofa making traditions including contemporary Italian and German, underpinned by Asian aesthetics.

Since graduating in the late 1980’s, Kelvin has spent close to two decades refining his craft and design-vision, helping steer his family’s furniture-making business into a second generation and expanding its global reach. During this time, Kelvin has been inspired by close collaboration with leading European and Japanese furniture designers, to create a diverse range of sofa styles.

In 1999, Kelvin leveraged his expertise to create the Giormani brand in Hong Kong. Giormani has since swiftly established itself as one of Asia’s leading sofa-making retail brands– with a reputation for high-quality and striking designs, along with the flexibility to adjust the ergonomics and aesthetics of its seating. Kelvin now leads Giormani’s talented design team in Hong Kong. His design philosophy is an understated “European modern minimalism” inspired by nature and concepts of modern living that infuse his designs with both a contemporary feel and innovative touches. Such “defining details” as he calls them, aim to give a twist of individuality to every one of his sofas and armchairs, while emphasizing comfort and reliability.

Michele Mantovani

Michele Mantovani was born in Como in 1984. In 2008 graduated in architecture at the Milan Polytechnic. In 2009 he began his professional career in the office of architect Carlo Colombo, carrying out architecture and interior design projects for international clients. This experience permit him to come into contact with large-scale projects and high quality designs. In 2011 he founded his own studio, based in Milan, where he began working for private and business customers; both interior design projects, such as architecture project and furniture design. In 2012 he moved to Spain, where his collaboration with national producers of high-end furniture for home starts. In 2014 he opened his office in Barcelona, MICHELE MANTOVANI A & D, which works in design and interior projects for national and international customers, as well as designs unique furniture collection. Among its most important customers include companies such as Grupo Mobilfresno, Alternative, Minottiitalia, Giorio Casa.


Designer Paco Camús completed the design of two sleek furniture pieces. The first product is entitled SHARON and represents a unique chair design, “halfway between the retro-futurism of the 60s and the Forefront of the XXI century“. Despite its bold curves, the object has a friendly and familiar look, “as if it had coexisted with us for a long time“. Simple, elegant and aerodynamic, the chair has a slightly different personality from that of the designer’s previous works. The type of wood employed is a mix of sycamore, oak and walnut.

SHARON can only go well with… DENISE, a table exhibiting a simple geometry, yet a very intricate overall appearance. There are two versions available, a round one and a rectangular one. Each of them comes with a unique personality, despite the identical name.