Celebrated designer Fermin Verdeguer brings his passion for architecture, sculpture, and beauty to the land Collection.

Verdegeur began his design career while studying at the Arts School of Valencia. After graduating, he started the Verdeguer Navarro Interior Design company. His love of design soon expanded to include architecture, landscaping, graphic, and industrial design.

In 1999 he and his brother founded the Verdeguer Navarro Collection. Later continued under the brand name DARC, this collection is dedicated to the design, development, and production of high-end furniture. In 2010 Verdeguer was nominated for Interior Design’s Best of Year Awards for his design of Brancusi by DARC.

Throughout his career Verdeguer has sought to create unique, exclusive and beautiful pieces. With an eye for detail and master use of material, his pieces become more than furniture; they become works of art.