Kelvin Ng is one of Hong Kong’s leading sofa designers whose distinctive sofas and armchairs have graced the collections of preeminent European, America and Japanese furniture brands including Weco and Cierre.

Kelvin’s award-winning designs are rooted in his multi-cultural Hong Kong background and deep knowledge of western sofa making traditions including contemporary Italian and German, underpinned by Asian aesthetics.

Since graduating in the late 1980’s, Kelvin has spent close to two decades refining his craft and design-vision, helping steer his family’s furniture-making business into a second generation and expanding its global reach. During this time, Kelvin has been inspired by close collaboration with leading European and Japanese furniture designers, to create a diverse range of sofa styles.

In 1999, Kelvin leveraged his expertise to create the Giormani brand in Hong Kong. Giormani has since swiftly established itself as one of Asia’s leading sofa-making retail brands– with a reputation for high-quality and striking designs, along with the flexibility to adjust the ergonomics and aesthetics of its seating. Kelvin now leads Giormani’s talented design team in Hong Kong. His design philosophy is an understated “European modern minimalism” inspired by nature and concepts of modern living that infuse his designs with both a contemporary feel and innovative touches. Such “defining details” as he calls them, aim to give a twist of individuality to every one of his sofas and armchairs, while emphasizing comfort and reliability.